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Additional Printer Option - Offer

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Additional Printer Option - Offer Additional Printer Option - Offer
Additional Printer Option - Offer

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Developed for proofing and pre-press applications, the EFI Colorproof XF RIP enables users to incorporate colour-controlled proofing throughout the prepress and printing process. Using universally accepted ICC profiles, EFI Colorproof XF creates a fast, flexible workflow for accurate, repeatable colour, enabling designers, photographers and fine art specialists to produce first-class inkjet printouts. Originally a PC only system, version 3.1 of Colorproof XF offers Macintosh compatibility for the first time.

In addition to an overall improvement in ease of use, EFI Colorproof XF 3.1 boasts many feature enhancements over previous versions. Photographers can now process RGB PS files in RGB colour space, with no need to convert to CMYK. Users can print jobs to a specific hot folder monitored by more than one workflow or XF server – Colorproof automatically diverts print jobs to the first available workflow, saving time and increasing productivity.

EFI Colorproof XF can be fully configured to meet your exact proofing and output requirements, with additional options available on a modular basis – see Features for full details. In its basic configuration, EFI Colorproof XF is supplied with Printer Option M for output to inkjet printers up to 18ins (458mm). To purchase a licence for a second printer of this size, please choose Option M in the Options box above. Options for larger size printers are also available:
  • Option XL - supports printers up to 24ins (610mm) wide
  • Option XXL – supports printers up to 60ins (1520mm) wide
Download a complete list of supported printers.
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