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ColourDay Design ColourDay Design
ColourDay Design

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The Colour Confidence ‘ColourDay Design’ training package is a great way to learn how to get the very best out of ColorMunki Design, gain face-to-face expert technical advice on every aspect of your workflow and is a chance to obtain personal expert advice on all things colour.

ColorMunki Design is the all-in-one colour management solution that allows you to create, capture, calibrate and communicate colour. The ‘ColourDay Design’ day will teach you how to get the very best out of this award-winning device and is yours to keep at the end of the session.

The 'ColourDay Design’ training day will take place on-site at your place of business and consists of the following set modules:

  • Configuration and explanation of graphics applications colour settings
  • Configuration and explanation of printer driver colour settings
  • ColorMunki training – profile creation, colour selection & creative utilities
  • Full review of your colour workflow
  • Using colour reference guides
  • Optimum monitor settings and viewing conditions

To personalise ‘ColourDay Design’ and to ensure that you get the very best out of the day, two further modules should be selected from the following options:

  • Scanner calibration
  • Camera RAW – calibration and profiling with ColorChecker Passport
  • Optimising images for use online
  • Preparing images for RGB Pro Lab
  • Preparing images for CMYK press to ISO publishing standards
  • Understanding Monitor specifications
  • Additional workstation configuration

In particular, a viewing light, monitor hood and reference image pack should be considered to compliment the basic training. The other product options we list, are specific to particular modules within the training.


We will undertake your ‘ColourDay Design’ training day on a single workstation which you will be fully trained to replicate on any other workstations that you may have by the end of the session.

If you would like us to assess and profile further workstations, we are happy to quote for this service.

Geographical coverage

Prices are based on most locations between Leeds and London.

For other areas within England and Wales, a travel weighting will apply. Select 'Travel Weighting' from the options drop-down menu on the preceding main product page.

For Scotland, Ireland and other countries, please call 0800 977 4167 for pricing.


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