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Innovative solutions for compliance and monitoring sports kit colour regulations

In many sporting activities and events colour is the crucial identifier of a team or individual.

Color Confidence offer a range of off-the-shelf and bespoke solutions and services to the sports industry.

With over 25 years' experience, our knowledge of graphics and colour combined with our innovative approach to specialist requirements has provided solutions implemented by UEFA/FIFA and the English Premier League.


Individual team players are identified from behind predominantly by their numeral. ColorQualifier verifies the clarity of numerals on a shirt based on colour difference between the numeral and background colour. For decorative images fabrics it only allows colour differences within a given tolerance.

For stripped shirts it indicates if a patch is required and verifies that a patch colour is within tolerance of the shirt colour. Reflective properties of metallic effect numerals can also be tested for compliance.


Kit clashes cause confusion in a match, whilst choice of kit is also a contentious issue when a club cannot wear their desired kit. FixtureMixture applies an exact science to the selection process, eliminating the majority of subjective and potentially inconsistent decisions. When applied to football this checks for four identifiably different colours on the field, the outfield and goalkeeper on both teams.

The FixtureMixture system provides on-line access for clubs to ascertain a suitable kit combination for every match in the season, whilst also providing guidance on best options when there is no ideal solution.

Pre and Post Match reporting provides a record of match clarity, weather conditions and time of day, along with associated notes relating to any exceptional circumstances